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Vitabubooks Interview | Eberekpe Ogho Anthony Whyte

This week, Vitabu Books spoke to Benin-born writer Eberekpe Ogho Anthony Whyte. In his introduction on his website , he describes his mother as being "difficultly religious." As a child, Eberekpe says he often wondered whether she was a "miserable angel from wretch heaven...fooled by the Cherubim and Seraphim Sect with a poor white flowing robe, and an elongated square cap with a cross tailored above it." Whyte saw his father as more pragmatic: "an artist who enjoyed life to the fullest and never a time forgot his ancestral heritage." EW thinks he inherited his creative flame from both parents: One who believed God is everything and the other in the everything called God. Vitabu Books : You also describe yourself as a writer with an edge. Why? Eberekpe Whyte : The person who made that statement is Bunmi Fasehun . She's a poet and the publisher of Le Chics . She also happens to be the designer of Eberekpe Whyte dot com, having gone through some of