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Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine in Sierra Leone by Cyrus Macfoy, Ph.D.

Paperback: 190 pages Publisher: iUniverse (December 5, 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 1491706090 ISBN-13: 978-1491706091 Medicinal plants and traditional medical practices from Sierra Leone have much to offer the rest of the world. Dr. Cyrus MacFoy, an experienced researcher and scientific consultant, highlights more than two hundred plants used to cure more than one hundred diseases and illnesses in this informational guide. Vitabu: When did you first become interested in medicinal plants and traditional medicine in Sierra Leone? Cyrus Macfoy: During my Ph.D. research at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (University of London) in the mid 1970’s I was fascinated by the fact  that some of the compounds that plants have evolved to defend themselves  against pathogens, pests and herbivores are indeed the  same compounds that  are responsible for curing many diseases and illnesses in humans. Thus,  when I joined Fourah Bay College,  Unive