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Vitabu Interviews | Remember, Remember...with Anni Domingo

Director, teacher, and writer Anni Domingo has been acting for 40 years. She has worked in theater, radio, television and films —touring Europe, the United States and Australia as a Shakespearean actress. She runs her own company, Shakespeare Link, which offers workshops on Shakespeare in schools, youth clubs and theaters all over the United Kingdom. She has written workbooks on Shakespeare, and these are now used in many schools. Anni has worked for British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) radio and other stations as an actress and broadcaster. She has written children’s plays which have been performed in schools and her poems have been published in the poetry anthology “Secret and Silent Tears.” She is a member of the Sierra Leone Writer Series Editorial Board. Currently, she is editing her novel, “Breaking the Maafa Chain” and recently published her memoir, “Empire Girl” featured in the Words & Women One anthology. Anni’s story is based on her mother’s experience of growing

History Made New | Dike and Dike

Chukwuemeka George Dike, author of the modern Lagos-based thriller The Inverted Pyramid , has set his new fiction, African Tales of a Green Planet , in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria roughly between 1730-1850. The time, place and publication date are symbolic for a number of reasons. Emeka Dike's story grew out of his father’s book, Trade and Politics in the Niger Delta 1830-1885: An Introduction to the Economic and Political History of Nigeria , published before Emeka was born. Kenneth Onwuka Dike's Trade and Politics grew out of his 1950 thesis for a doctorate degree at Kings College London, and first published in Britain in 1956.  In the foreword of the 2011 Bookcraft Africa publication, Gareth Austin, at the London School of Economics,   saw Trade and Politics not only "as an inspiration for the broad field of West African and African history, and as a pioneering contribution to the presentation of West Africans’ perspective on their history," Au