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An African Scientist's Migration Story

You’ve seen the headlines, watched the news videos, and live news clips online. Migration is constantly in the news. Each year, more young African men keep climbing fences into European Union territory, says the International Organization for Migration. They join the tens of thousands of West Africans migrants in Morocco and more than half a million in Libya, determined to go North. Research commissioned by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development found that about a million West Africans with a degree migrated to another, usually better off, country outside the region in 2010/11. A whopping 92 percent rise from 2000/01.  In total, 13 percent of all degree holders from Sub-Saharan Africa emigrated over this period, the highest proportion of any region around the world, the report said. Theodora Xenogiani, an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development researcher and an author of the report , said a major cause of this migration is highly educated people b

Africa reading challenge seeking readers for 2016

Kinna Reads, a blog featuring books, reading and world literature, hosts the Africa Reading Challenge for the fourth time.  "Details and requirements are the same this year as for the 2012 Africa Reading Challenge, which started with: 'I have absolutely no reason for hosting nor urging you to participate in this challenge save for the joy of discovering and reading African literature,'" Kinna writes. Click here for details: