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New Writer Amaka Azie breaks out with Melodies of Love

Amaka Ozumba-Azie works part-time as a family doctor  in a hospital near the River Mersey and writes teen lit books by day at home in Merseyside. A transplant from the ancient Benin kingdom, Amaka is a wife and mother to two young daughters. Vitabu spoke to her recently about her debut novel “Melodies of Love” now out on eBooks retailers and available in paperback.  My name is Amaka, short for ObiAmaka. Amaka means beautiful. Obiamaka means beautiful heart.  I was born in Lagos and went to primary school in Lagos, then secondary school in Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria. I went to university in Benin City. It's the middle belt of Nigeria. I spent eight years there. It's known as the ancient city of Benin because it is rich in culture and art. I love Ring Road at Oba Market in Benin City. It is a large market where you can find anything. I particularly liked the fruit market--loads of kiosks with tropical fruits. I love mangoes, large ripe mangoes, and watermelons. My favourite