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The Truth About the Fact | International Call for Submissions

The Truth About the Fact | An International Journal of Literary Nonfiction International Call for Submissions The Truth About the Fact are now accepting submissions of nonfiction essays and memoirs, nonfiction poetry, and visual artwork for their fourth issue. The deadline is December 31st, 2010. Submissions are to be made by email only: Guidelines for all submissions: All work must be nonfiction. Please do not send fictional prose or poetry. Essays, memoir, and commentary must be between 1,000-5,000 words. Poetry must be no longer than 4 pages. Art files cannot exceed 1MB. Please include each piece as separate attachments. Attachments must be in Microsoft Word (.doc), PDF, or JPEG for visual files. Please include a cover page for each piece containing: title of the piece, your name, address, phone number, and reliable email address. Your name should NOT appear anywhere else on the piece outside of the cover page. There is no limit to the num

Call For Applications for Residency: African Literary Writers

The Sylt Foundation calls all Writers of contemporary African literature to apply for the two month African Writer’s Residency, offered as part of the Sylt Foundation Residency Programme. One residency will be awarded annually to Africa writers who have published poetry, prose, plays and novels. The Foundation is located on the island of Sylt, off the coast of Hamburg, Germany. The Foundation’s residency programme has been running for several years offering opportunities to South African and international visual artists, writers and photographers. It is managed under the directorship of literary scholar and curator Indra Wussow. This African Writer’s Residency is aimed to offer a residency to writers of contemporary African literature, who are related to or engaging with contemporary themes and concerns of Africa and the African Diaspora. The award is open to published writers of poetry, prose, plays and novels. Following on the success of many years of engagement with contempor

News, Views and Poetry

In The Africa Report Tuesday, Prince Ofori-Atta and Dagnachew Teklu wrote about what they called the world's most expensive election campaign as US voters hit the polls.  " The 2012 election campaign will go down in history as the first to record billions of dollars in campaign funding by the respective candidates. By October 17, 2012, the two candidates had declared over $2 billion in campaign funding," said Ofori-Atta and Teklu.  Other sources like OpenSecrets placed the total much higher. The Center for Responsive Politics in Washington calculated about $6 billion was spent by the presidential candidates and contestants for seats in the Senate and House of Representatives.  A day after the historic vote, a lot of pundits like Detroit Free Press' Brian Dickerson have the same verdict. The election proved money alone can't buy you victory. Below a professor of English and linguistics at Virginia state University pens similar thoughts in poem below: