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Blogging While African

Bakar Mansaray is a versatile author with a range of literary works including short stories in "A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish" and other stories, a memoir titled "My Afro Canadian Chronicle," a historical non-fiction book exploring the history of minority faith communities called "Muslims in Canada: A Microcosm," as well as novels like "The Ebola War (Angel and Mercy)" Volume One and Two. Following the translation of his debut book "A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish and Other Stories" into Kiswahili, Bakar has been dedicated to developing the Mandingo Scrolls , a platform where he blogs about various topics. These include insights on students at Tampa University in the USA writing comparative or thematic essays on stories from his book 'A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish,' as well as sharing tidbits from the Sahel, discussions on African political volatility, human rights abuses, superstitions, and excerpts from his upcoming book "A