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Vitabu Review | Wives At War: Praying the devil back to hell

Wives at War and Other Stories (Africa Women Writers Series) Author: Flora Nwapa ISBN-13: 9780865433281 ISBN-10: 0865433283 Publication Date: 4/1992 Pages: 121 Publisher: Africa World Press W est Africa is racked by conflict. Again. New information from aid workers in the region shows three-quarters of the refugees from Ivory Coast to Liberia are women and children, according to the SOS. I glance at a report I'd just dusted on the shelf. The Impact of Conflict on Women and Girls in West and Central Africa is not the kind of book you reach for lightly. It was a desk review—very much dependent on information and guidance from UNICEF offices in Ivory Coast, Democratic Repubic of Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The study had been undertaken as part of UNICEF's contribution to the Commission of the Status of Women held in New York 28 February-11 March 2005. It's 2011 and the women and girls of West and Central Africa are still praying the devil back to hell.