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"Did You have a Good Friday? Judas Didn't!"

'Did You have a Good Friday? Judas Didn't!' A snippet from last year's Good Friday homily as the preacher warmed to the popular theme of "let's all beat up on Judas": "Of all the people in the bible, I can’t think of too many people who have a worse name than Judas Iscariot: have you ever known anybody named Judas?  What do you think would happen if you called someone a Judas?  He has gone down in history as one of the worst betrayers in all the bible.  Oh, there are other bad guys of the bible: Pharaoh, Pilate, Ahab, Herod ... all come to mind.  But I don’t think any can beat ol’ Judas for sheer detestability.  After all, you sort of expected all of them to be wicked: all of them were corrupt rulers, but Judas takes the cake because not only was he bad, but he betrayed a friend ..." And so say all of us, I suspect?   Do those gleeful chants of "Judas dai don tidey, wi go berram tumara ...!"  still ring out in the Freetown b

Grandma’s Twilight Àwùjọ

A sparkling blue sky romanced the soothing sea breeze that whispered through respite palm and baobab trees. Granny Henrietta sat on an antique stool knitting the names of her deceased relatives. She had observed a pattern of disrespect for the elderly. Stunned with bewilderment she said, “Age is a symbol of respect that holds the family tree together, like carefully knitted thread.” Her embroidery resembled a Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors. A dignified Maroon, Henrietta is the oldest survivor on the paternal side. She did not look her age despite having turned four score, a milestone in the family’s genealogy. Her compatriots had painstakingly erected her unique cottage. The house stood on a precipice, where one could get a panoramic view of Freetown. She peeled open her curtain to catch a view of activities in the sunshine. Mentally, she recalled the many sunrises and sunsets she has weathered. It flashed on her mind that the clock was ticking for her to join her ancestors. But