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State of Sierra Leone | April 27, 1961

Sierra Leone won flag independence from the United Kingdom on April 27, 1961, with Milton Margai as the first Prime Minister. Below is Sir Milton Margai's Independence address to the new nation. M en, women, and children of Sierra Leone, I greet you all on this historic day, and I rejoice with you. Sierra Leone today becomes a unified and independent nation to take her place as an equal partner in the Commonwealth of nations and as equal entity in the world at large. For this, we rejoice, and may your own rejoicing wherever you are, be really full of happiness. We must also face up squarely to the problems which will confront us, and I want you all to understand clearly that the Sierra Leone Government in future will depend very greatly upon the active support and assistance of each one of you. The aim will certainly be to make our country a land worth living in, a land worth serving; but this can only be done by wholehearted service and hard work now. I have told you this b

UNESCO’s message on World Book and Copyright Day

In these turbulent times, books embody the diversity of human ingenuity,  giving shape to the wealth of human experience, expressing the search for meaning and expression we all share, that drive all societies forward. Books help weave humanity together as a single family, holding a past in common,  a history and heritage, to craft a  destiny that is shared,  where all voices are heard in the great chorus of human aspiration. Books are our allies in spreading education, science, culture, and information worldwide.  Books are also a form of cultural expression that lives through and as part of a chosen language. Each publication is created in a distinct language and is intended for a  language-specific reading audience.  A  book is thus written,  produced, exchanged, used and appreciated in a given linguistic and cultural setting. This year we highlight this important dimension because 2019 marks the International Year of Indigenous Languages, led by UNESCO, to reaffirm the commitmen

Celebrating Easter Sunday