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Getting Our Book Groove Back

As I pick up a dogeared book out of a basket, I wonder when my copy of  Ramadhan Ali's 1976  "Africa at the Olympics" will arrive. It's Monday in Baltimore and the London opening ceremony takes place in a few days. If Ali's title is anything to go by, it'd be an interesting peek into the history of the games from an African perspective but there's no doubt Africa is at the Olympics . So I thought that was a good way to break the dry spell on Vitabubooks. Baltimore's had some heat lately but the dog days of summer were only partly  responsible for the drought. Vb's had "book famine"-- a sensational condition brought on by more than a hundred and one reasons. So to help get our groove back, we're going to ease in with stories that made the Caine Prize list. As you probably know, Nigeria's  Rotimi Babatunde won the 13th annual Caine Prize for African Writing ,   described as Africa’s leading literary award, for his short story enti