Milo and All That Jazz | The Golden Era of Salone Music – by Kitty Fadlu-Deen

Milo and All That Jazz is the most recent work of Dr. Kitty Fadlu-Deen, published by Sondiata Global Media.

The book takes the reader on a journey through Sierra Leonean culture expressed in her distinctive music.

Milo and All That Jazz explores the history and creative breadth and depth of Sierra Leonean music from the 1960s to the 1990s. Considering the vast choice of bands and artists during that period, this is no mean feat.

Aminatta Forna, a renowned Sierra Leonean author, says:

“Dr. Fadlu-Deen has commemorated Pino and all the most talented of Sierra Leone’s array of musicians over three decades in a fascinating story that has been meticulously researched and elegantly written… Sierra Leone boasts a powerful voice that moves to its own distinctive beat." 

This is a must-read for music lovers the world over. It is a book that connects the development of Sierra Leonean cultural music and its sources of inspiration from the African Continent and beyond. Above all, it recognises the influence and inspiration with which Sierra Leonean music continues to touch the world.

Dr. Fadlu Deen was born in Singapore and is a graduate of the University College Dublin and the University of York. She has worked as a music educator in Sierra Leone for more than three decades,  where she has lived throughout her married life,

As a music professional from South East Asia, with an appreciation of the international music scene, the vastness and depth of musical offerings in her adopted country were an inspirational discovery for Dr. Fadlu-Deen. Part of the expression of this inspiration is her co-founding of the Ballanta Academy of Music, Freetown in 1995.

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